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"I believe that shooting is less about the number of reps and more about the players understanding of their individual shot.  To become a great shooter, a player needs to understand how the lower body and upper body work in every situation that he or she might come across in a game.  My goal is to work with players who want to be exceptional and help them reach their shooting potential."
                                             -Brad Redford 

Chris Mack Head Xavier Mens Basketball Coach on Brad Redford 
Cincinnati.com:  “I’m going to tell you right now, all these web sites and people ranking the top shooters – there’s no better shooter in the country than Brad Redford. He can’t necessarily get his shot off at times because of his size and he’s not the strongest guy, and I know we don’t play a game of HORSE, but he’ll make 75 threes in a row in practice.

“I’ve encouraged him after his career to make shooting videos. You know almost like before and after diet pictures. ‘Before I went on the Brad Redford shooting video, I couldn’t make a 3-point shot. Now I can make…’ And have Brad shoot 75 in a row. Make a little bit of money."

Rod Mills 
“Brad Redford Basketball has helped my game by improving my ball handling and shooting.  We accomplished this through a variety of drills combining skills needed to become a great offensive player.  Everything we did was game like and they do a great job of explaining the proper technique.  Brad is always looking to make sure I was consistent with my shot.  After working with them, I really saw an improvement in how I could shoot when playing.  Any up and coming hoopers should look in to working with these guys!!"

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Current Basketball player at Miami Ohio University
Class of 2013 St. Xavier High School

Jack Westerfield
“Working with Brad Redford Basketball has gotten me to where I am today as a  basketball player.  Brad has helped me to become an elite shooter and prepared me to play against the best competition.”
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Current player at Dayton University
Class of 2015 at St. Xavier High School


Zach McCormick 
"From my time working with Brad, I have seen drastic changes in my game. They have helped me look at all the little things and perfect them, things that a lot of other people would never think about. They have helped make my shot more consistent whether it's off the catch, dribble or from three. I have also noticed my handle getting better as I worked with them. The biggest thing they did for me is they were confident in me and that made me more confident about myself. Everyone around the state of Ohio or Kentucky who wants to be great needs to get hooked up with Brad Redford basketball and trust what they do."

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Current player at Miami Ohio University
Two-time all-state selection
 Turpin High School's all-time leading scorer with 1,387 points
Class of 2014

Nick Ruthsatz
"Brad Redford's workouts definitely improve your overall skills! More importantly the workouts teach you what to do in real game situations, which has helped take my game to the next level."
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Current player at The University of Findlay
2014 Kentucky State Champion MVP
Covington Catholic Class of 2014

Liam Rabe
"Brad Redford in a years span took my three point shooting percentage from 11% to 45% through demonstrations, attention to detail, and a lot of repetition. Without him I'm not sure if I'd be playing college basketball today."
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Current player at Mount St. Joseph University
Dixie Heights class of 2015

Kyle Ahrens
“Brad Redford Basketball always pushed me to the max to help ensure that I could become the best player I could possibly be!”
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Current Michigan State Basketball player.
Top 200 player in the Class of 2015 according to 24/7 sports

Justin Ahrens
“Brad Redford Basketball was a big help in making me a better offensive player.  They were able to help by making my handles quicker and improving my shot off the catch as well as off the dribble.  I love the way they pushed me during the workouts. It was worth every second I was there.”
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Sophomore guard at Versailles High School 
Top 15 player in the class of 2018 according to Ohhoops.org


Kevin Kerly 
"If you are serious about the game of basketball and want to become part of the elite category then Brad Redford basketball is the place to be. They will push you outside your comfort zone to make you better every time you step in the gym. Great trainers and even better people #Jergens"

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Current player at Appalachian State University 
Moeller Class os 2015
Dylan Alderson
“Brad Redford Basketball helped me become a better shooter. By focusing on the little details of my shot, they were able to make the perfect tweaks to make it better and more consistent.”
Image result for dylan anderson basketball clarkston
Class of 2017
Clarkston High School
Top 15 Guard in Michigan according to the Prep Bball Report

Aislyn Hartman
"Working with Brad has helped me take my game to the next level.  I went from only playing in the low post to now being able to play as a guard.  My ability to shoot and handle the ball has greatly improved since working in this program."
Image result for aislynn hartman basketball mariemont
Class of 2016 Mariemont High school
Top 150 player in Ohio according to Max Preps


Hunter Meyer
"Working out with Brad and Tyler helped not only my shot and form, but helped me become more vocal as a teammate."

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Dixie Heights High School class of 2017

Adam Gigax 
"After finishing my freshman year at Emory University, I realized that I needed to make some improvements  as a player in the offseason to play more minutes as a sophomore.  Brad helped me create an offseason program and helped to put me in a great position to have a great year!!  I am shooting at a higher level and feel much more comfortable handling the basketball."

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Current player at Emory University
Moeller High School Class of 2014
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