Month: September 2019

Fretboard Brewing Company Interview

Beer and music have been combined with perfection at Fretboard Brewing. In this weeks podcast, Joe Sierra and Mitch Lagrow of Fretboard talk about everything from the music they love to the liquid their team creates. Enjoy the interview, leave a comment, and subscribe to the BeDFRNT podcast. Read More

MadTree Brewing Company interview with Mike Stuart

MadTree Brewing Company has become one of the most popular and most recognized breweries in Cincinnati. It’s almost impossible to talk about beer in the city without MadTree being discussed. The PsycHOPathy IPA can be found at just about every restaurant in the city, and MadTree beers are now distributed all across the midwest.

Mike Stuart, director of people and social strategy at MadTree, joins the BeDFRNT podcast to discuss changes in their business while providing an outlook on the beer industry as a whole. Be sure to make a visit to MadTree’s current location in Oakley for a beer or to host your next event. Read More

Taft’s Ale House – Interview with owner and managing partner Dave Kassling

Taft’s Ale House has become a favorite in Cincinnati. Dave and his team have added to the energy and revitalization in OTR and are showing no signs of stopping. The BeDFRNT crew talks through Dave’s journey to where he is now and run through the backstory behind some of your favorite beers. Be sure to follow the BeDFRNT podcast and let us know where you want to see us next! Read More

Fifty West Brewing Company interview with Max Fram

50 West brewing company has become one of the most successful breweries in Cincinnati since its launch in 2012. Fans of the brewing company will likely be most familiar with a couple of their signature craft beers, Doom Pedal and Coast to Coast.

In this interview, the fellas talk with VP of Strategy and Operations, Max Fram. Max shares his story with 50 West and provides insight on the local and national state of beer. Read More