Month: October 2019

Brent James performs “Cardinals” and “Brother”/talks music industry and motivation behind his songs

Brent James is the frontman behind “Brent James and the Vintage Youth.” His unique style of rock and roll provides listeners with heart and soul with each song. Some of the BeDFRNT favorites include “Maybe”, “Waiting So Long”, “Brother”, and “Come on Baby.”

In this interview, Brad and Brent talk through his early years as a musician and bring it to present day. For more Brent James and information on upcoming shows visit

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Chandler Carter performs “Cold” and “My Daddy Was an Outlaw”/talks inspiration and writing process

Chandler Carter has been described as “smokey, captivating, and rare” The Cincinnati native began her musical journey in 2009 and has not looked back since. In this BeDFRNT spotlight, Chandler performs two of her original songs and discusses the inspiration behind her music. You can follow Chandler’s next steps and upcoming shows at  Read More

Kayla Hansmann aka “Cincy Fit Foodie” talks fitness, nutrition, and business

Kayla Hansmann aka “Cincy Fit Foodie” is a registered dietician and owner of Milk’d Nutrition. In this week’s interview, Kayla joins BeDFRNT to break down all of the do’s and don’ts of diet and exercise. Read More