Around the World – BeDFRNT talks Xavier, NBA media day, Kawhi Leonard’s laugh, and SEC Hoops.

BeDFRNT takes on some of the most current and trending topics in basketball. This week had a lot to discuss with the opening week of college basketball practice and NBA media day. Read More

Around the World – BeDFRNT talks D Wade, Pac 10 Hoops, Jon Elmore, and bald tug of war

BeDFRNT discusses 5 of the most trending topics in basketball. Brad, Nick, and Greg analyze D. Wade’s latest video and debate whether bald tug of war should be an olympic sport. Read More

Brad Redford summarizes Rick Pitino’s new book in a rap song.

In addition to being the host of the BeDFRNT Podcast, Brad Redford is an aspiring rapper. After reading through Rick Pitino’s most recent book, he was compelled to write a review through music. This song takes you on a journey of joy, happiness, and pain. Rick Pitino will forever be remembered in the basketball world and Brad wanted to ensure that he offered some thoughts of his own. Read More

Unplugged Interview : Dee Davis (professional basketball player and former Xavier PG)

Dee Davis calls in from France to catch up with the BeDFRNT podcast. In this unplugged interview, Dee reacts to MGK’s diss on Eminem “Rap Devil” and talks life overseas. Dee also offers his insight on the recent hiring of Travis Steele at Xavier and the possibly of Xavier having an alumni team in “The Basketball Tournament” (TBT) in 2019. Read More

Around the World – BeDFRNT talks Jason Maxiell, NCAA investigation, and college hoops

Brad, Greg, and Nick discuss some of the most current topics in the sports world. Around the World is a BeDFRNT staple. In the segment, the trio of talent details and discuses each topic in under two minutes. Highlights of this weeks 5 topics include Jason Maxiell admitting to sleeping with over 300 women as well as an ACC preview. Read More

Around the World – BeDFRNT discusses Zion Williamson, the Spurs, and what’s wrong with the Big 10

Around the world is a BeDFRNT staple. The trio of Brad, Nick, and Greg discuss 5 topics in the sports world in under 2 minutes for each topic. In this week’s Around the World, the boys offer their support for aspiring rapper and host Brad to find a MC battle in Detroit. In addition to promoting Brad’s rap skills, the team discusses the end of Manu Ginobili’s career and why the Spurs might be the most boring team in all of sports. Read More

BeDFRNT breaks down the complicated rules of the NCAA

The NCAA has been under fire since FBI investigations brought to light the black market of college hoops. Mark Emmert, president of the NCAA, promised swift changes to the institution. The first part of these changes came out the second week of August 2018. Headlines stating that players at the high school and college level will now be able to have legal agent relationships under the NCAA parameters raised eyebrows but does it really make a difference? Listen in as Brad Redford, Brady Labor, and the BeDFNRT crew dive into the details of all the proposed rules. Read More

“Kickin’ it Old School with Andy Mac” Mid Summer Report

Andy Mac is back in studio with BeDFRNT. This offseason has been one of many changes for the Xavier Musketeers basketball program. Andy breaks down the roster and coaching changes in this weeks interview. Read More

Unplugged Interview : The interns of BeDFRNT tell all!!

Tom and Pat are the backbone of the BeDFRNT podcast. In this tell all interview, the interns of BeDFRNT explain their involvement and what makes them so valuable to the team. Read More