Lacin’ Up With Leonard 1/31/2018

Leonard Stokes updates the BeDFRNT crew about the top 10 ranked Cincinnati Bearcats and why no one can score on them. We also debate if Trae Young should be the #1 pick, James Harden and his ridiculous numbers, as well as the possibility of one of the best rec. teams in Cincinnati History. Read More

Kickin It Old School with Andy Mac 1/31/2018

Andy Mac breaks down the Muskies tight road win against St. Johns and previews the upcoming home game against Georgetown. In addition to talking Xavier hoops Brad, Greg, and Nick contemplate the idea of a rec. basketball team with Andy Mac as the head coach. Read More

Unplugged Interview with Nick Ruthsatz

Former State Champion and Kentucky legend Nick Ruthsatz joins the BeDFRNT crew to discuss playing for his dad, life as a college athlete, as well as his current role as an entrepreneur.

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Kickin It Old School with Andy Mac 1/19/2018

Andy Mac updates the college basketball world about the Xavier Musketeers. After 2 wins in the friendly confines of the Cintas Center, the Muskies are making a Big East road trip to take on Seton Hall. Andy previews the Saturday afternoon showdown as well as the possible future of Chris Mack.

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Lacin’ Up With Leonard January 10th

The BeDFRNT team attempts to discuss the current state of the Cincinnati Bearcats but other topics quickly consume the discussion. Leonard claims that he was an academic All-American, Brad still can’t screw on a light bulb, and Nick Given wants to be Prince in everything he does. Read More