Terry Nelson reflects on Cincinnati’s loss vs OSU and previews upcoming matchups.

The Cincinnati Bearcats played it’s opening game in front of a sold out crowd at the newly renovated “5th 3rd arena.” The night started with excitement as fans stormed into the new area (which looks great by the way), and were greeted by Bearcat legend K Mart reenacting one of his iconic dunks, bright lights, and a new sound system that was bumping Mo Bamba to the delight of the student section. Unfortunately once the game started, the fans didn’t have much to cheer about. Cincinnati stormed back in the 2nd half but fell to the buckeyes 64-56. Terry Nelson joins the BeDFRNT podcast to break it down with Brad, Greg, and Nick and answers questions that many Bearcat fans might be asking themselves. Be sure to subscribe to the BeDFRNT page for updated content.

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