“500 Miles to Memphis” plays live at Fretboard Brewing/talks life on the road and loving life!

If you haven’t been to a “500 Miles to Memphis” concert, you are missing out! These guys play loud, fast, and their energy is endless. The group, which was formed back in 2003, has been through it all together on and off the stage. Their music perfectly blends their Cincinnati/Kentucky roots to create a unique style and music experience with every listen.

In this interview, the BeDFRNT crew is joined by Ryan Malott, Aaron Whelen, and Nate Hickey of “500” to play some tracks off of their most recent album and talk life on the road. Their 4 studio albums have earned this group national recognition while piling up a handful of awards along the way. Songs from “500 Miles to Memphis” have been featured and licensed to movies, tv shows, and some of your favorite video games.

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