Unplugged Interview : The interns of BeDFRNT tell all!!

Tom and Pat are the backbone of the BeDFRNT podcast. In this tell all interview, the interns of BeDFRNT explain their involvement and what makes them so valuable to the team. Read More

Unplugged Interview: Basketball guru Rashad Philips talks NBA, 2319 Sports Talk and how to be great.

Rashad Philips is one of the top players under 6” to ever play the game of basketball. Still a Detroit legend, Rashad ended his collegiate career at Detroit Mercy scoring over 2,300 points. These days Rashad runs 2319 Sports Talk and continues to energize the next generation of hoop stars. Check the interview breakdown below and follow Rashad by searching 2319 Sports Talk with Rashad Philips on YouTube.

6:00 Changes at the NBA/college level

13:50 Rashad talks overcoming adversity

21:00 Balancing life and basketball

29:10 Motivating the next generation

Unplugged Interview : Alex Harbin and John Andriacco of Iron Sharpens Iron

Alex Harbin and John Andriacco talk about their journey as athletes and entrepreneurs. Alex and John discuss working through adversity and trusting in their mission to create a company built on loyalty and commitment to their customers. Read More

Unplugged Interview: CBS Analyst Steve Wolf and St. Xavier/Wisconsin quarterback Chase Wolf

Steve and Chase Wolf are the first ever father son duo to be interviewed on the BeDFRNT podcast. It’s only fitting that the interview was shot in the basement of the Wolf household. We cover Steve’s ability to balance family, work, and commentating as well as expectations for Chase as he begins his first year in the BIg 10.

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Unplugged Interview: Cashmere Wright (Former UC point guard)

Cashmere Wright is one of the top point guards to ever play in a Cincinnati uniform. Cash joins the BeDFRNT podcast to talk hoops, life as dad, as well as his new business venture 1Vision hoops. Be sure to give Cashmere a follow on social media and support his brand.

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Unplugged Interview: Matt Stainbrook (Professional basketball player)

The BeDFRNT team explores the many sides of Matt Stainbrook. Aside from being a professional basketball player, Matt enjoys traveling the world and discussing how to handle adversity. Read More

Unplugged Interview : Jeff Goodman of ESPN (Talks Celtics and NBA draft)

Jeff joins the BeDFRNT podcast to discuss the NBA Playoffs with a focus on the rise of Brad Stevens and the Celtics. In addition to NBA, Jeff offers insight on the upcoming NBA Draft and debates with Brad about Mothers Day gift ideas. Read More

Unplugged Interview : Chris Beaver (Division 1 referree)

Chris Beaver has been a ref at the highest level of college basketball for more than a decade. He breaks down his story to reach the college level and discusses some of the most controversial calls in the game.

4:15 Why become a ref?

14:00 Feedback process

28:38 Block/charge call

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Unplugged Interview : Ryan Fowler talking NBA

Ryan Fowler has spent over a decade in the sports media business and joins the BeDFRNT podcast to talk some NBA Hoops. BeDFRNT and the boys discuss Cleveland and the Kardashian effect, James Harden, and the resurgence of the 76ers. Read More